Climate action plans

Key principles of a credible climate action plan:

  • Emissions must be reduced 50% by 2030
  • Emissions disclosure alone is inadequate
  • A long-term target (beyond 10 years) without a short-term plan (5 years) is inadequate


Essential components of a climate action plan:

  • Short-term targets required: 5 year and 5-10 year plan*
  • Average absolute Scope 1-3 emissions reduction of 7-8% pa to 2030
  • Phase out fossil fuel use and production, no financing of new supply**
  • Executive compensation, strategy and lobbying aligned with plan*
  • Necessary capex commitments*
  • End deforestation, credible use of offsetting only if strictly necessary***
  • Independent auditing of emissions*
  • Annual performance reporting to shareholders


* See:

** See:

*** The government backed integrity standards for corporate claims on offsets:

Regulators and standard-setters are increasingly recognising the need for Climate Action Plans:


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